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Training of Volunteers

For maintaining a high level of efficiency and increasing volunteerism, the volunteers are given basic training on disaster management activities , cyclones ,cyclones behavior, warning signals and their dissemination, sheltering, rescue, first aid, relief operations, gender issues, humanitarian values, climate change issues, climate change impact in Bangladesh, technique of adjusting capability with changed climate, forestation and others social welfare activities.









The important trainings are details in the below.                   

B 10.1.        Basic Training  on disaster Management

B 10.2         First aid Training

B 10.3         Search & Rescue Training

B 10.4         Leadership Training.

C 10.1.        Basic Training:

Basic training of the volunteers is the first priority. Aim of the basic training is to give the lesson to the volunteers about  CPP, its  structure & its function. It includes a short description of disaster, concept of disaster. It also includes the disaster management, cyclones & its behavior, warming signals and its dissemination, sheltering, search & rescue & first aid, roles & responsibilities of a volunteer, Disaster Management Structure of Bangladesh Government,  Red Crescent & Red Cross movement, BDRCS activities etc. It provides the knowledge of wireless network systems of CPP, union activities, warning equipments and its maintenance, shelter management, need assessment and CPP duties in SOD. It is a 3 days training.


C 10.2. First Aid Training:

There is a group of First Aid in CPP volunteers and they need proper training on First Aid.. Aim of this training is mainly to reduce the nos. of death of the injured people from cyclonic disaster providing them with First Aid. These First aid Team work in the community.  This training includes clear concept about First Aid, types of First Aid, AR & CPR, control of bleeding, dressing of wounds, taking care of fainted, poisoned, burnt, electrical injured ,  persons having fracture with bones and transportation of injured persons. First Aid training includes practical demonstration of all kinds of components that First Aid needs. This is a 3 days training. CPP can response promptly to discharge their responsibilities in any Earthquake or Land slide or Tsunami if the authority assigns the task.

C 10.3.  Search & Rescue Training:

There is a rescue group in CPP volunteers who need proper training on Rescuing. This  training aims to enhance the knowledge and skill on Search & Rescue for the injured and affected people during or post disaster. Rescue Team work in the community. This training includes Search & Rescue Survey, stretcher carrying, ladder, lasing, raft making, river/sea safety etc. They know the technique of different knot making i.e. chair knot, chain knot etc. They also know the technique of removing casualties from debris, rescuing from water, from trees or roofs of the building houses. It is a 3 days’ training with practical demonstration. CPP can response to discharge their responsibilities in any Earthquake or Land slide or Tsunami if the authority assign the task.

C 10.4. Leadership Training:

CPP activity depends on unit level which is the core of CPP. Each unit which is consisted of 15 volunteers, elect a Unit Team Leader who leads the team. So Unit Team Leader needs the knowledge and skill of leadership to organize a unit so that he can ensure their units’ roles, duties and activities properly in any disaster. This training includes various types of leadership techniques to ensure the team activities. The topics are mainly types of disaster, vulnerability & risk assessment, risk reduction, CPP unit activity, reorganization , maintenance of warning equipments, technique of ensuring the community participation, communication with community, need assessment, hazard map, public awareness building, motivational technique etc. This is a  3 days training.

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